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Dj Performing Live Music

Music programming is key for the success of your function

When planning your function it's important to let us know what style of music appeals to you. This may include radio stations you listen to, favourite artists, songs and genres of music. To assist you with the song selection we provide the "Easy Select Song List"  which has the best songs from each genre / era.

Alternatively you can leave the music selection up to DJ Gideon as he is experienced at reading the crowd and playing accordingly. 

Top 100 Songs

We always have our Top 100 available for you to view. Feel welcome to download it via the link above. This list is a great tool as it represents the best of what we play all year long. Of course you are not limited to choosing from only 100 titles. Gideon's music library has hundreds  of songs to pick from. The " Easy Select Song List "is emailed to you once the deposit of $100 has been made to book in your function. Alternatively

you can send your favourite tunes to DJ Gideon via hi Spotify account @DJGids.

Music Genres 

  • Choose from R&B, Hip Hop, House, Techno, Progressive dance, Rock, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, K- Pop, Spanish, Greek,  Arabic,  Bollywood and more!

  • Club style mixing . Popular amongst teenagers, students and ravers

  • DJ Gideon can take requests during the function to keep the dance floor packed

  • Group dance songs are very popular: Nut Bush, Bus Stop, YMCA, Zorba, Ch Cha Slide, Time Warp

  • Approximately fifteen to twenty songs are played per hour  

To make your song selection easier, we have put together the best songs of each era/genre. These
songs have been tried & tested over the years with great success.
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