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Music Selection

Music programming is key to the success of your next function.

Music is programmed according to your tastes, requests and audience response. Approximately 15 songs are played in a 1 hour period, making it important to choose only the right songs.  

When planning your event, it's important to let us know what styles of music you and your guests might be interested in. This might include radio stations you listen to, favourite artists, songs, and genre of music. We suggest you select all songs you want played from our "Easy Select Song List". 

Your Most Favourite Songs

We always have our Top 100 available for you to view. This list is a great tool as it represents the best of the best of what we play all year long. From Rock to Disco, the list has it all. Of course you're not limited to choosing from only 100 titles. Our music library has hundreds of songs to pick from. Please contact Gideon to have this 'Easy Select Song List' emailed to you.

Top 100c.doc (DOC — 122 KB)

Moving Melodies DJs music:

  • Choose from Hip Hop, R & B, House, Rock and Roll, Disco, Rock, Euro Disco, Progressive Dance, Retro 80s, Greek, Italian, Spanish and more!
  • Over 15,000 computer searchable titles on site
  • We take requests during the function
  • Club-style mixing (school clients love this!)
  • Participation songs available i.e. Nut Bush, YMCA, Macarena, Hot Hot Hot, Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, Time Warp etc...
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